Burger King Brookpark

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Buckeye Surface Maintenance milled and resurfaced the asphalt parking lot at the Burger King in Cleveland Ohio, on Brookpark Rd. 

Here we milled (or ground) the existing parking lot to a depth of 2” and installed 2” of new asphalt. Once the asphalt was placed, compacted and sufficiently cooled, we striped the parking lot to its original configuration, re-painting all lines, ADA symbols, arrows, words and other pavement markings. 

This particular location decided to close while their work was being performed. Many of our customers can not close. Because of that, we have become experts at developing plans to perform such work while keeping our customers open and minimizing interruption and inconvenience as much as possible.

Cozumel Restaurant

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Buckeye Surface Maintenance regularly performs parking lot paving, pavement repairs and maintenance at multiple Cozumel Restaurant locations. 

The location pictured is one of their newest. It is on W. 150th Street in Cleveland. 

The owners of Cozumel inherited this parking lot in rough condition. The pavement is older and near the end of its useful service life. Replacement or resurfacing will be necessary sooner, rather than later. That said, with a thorough cleaning, some crack sealing and a good sealcoat application, this parking lot was significantly improved. The owners have bought themselves time to get this new location established and to begin budgeting for future resurfacing.

NTB - Mayfield Heights

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For this project, we milled and resurfaced one side of the asphalt parking lot (we resurfaced the other side two years prior). We also patched a few bad areas and potholes in the rear of the building. This job had a concrete component as well, which required removing and replacing concrete pads in front of two garage doors and two showroom entrance doors.

With work being performed in front of doors on all sides of the building, this project required Buckeye Surface Maintenance to coordinate closely with NTB’s staff to ensure that access to both the garage and showroom was available, at all times, with no interruption of business and as little inconvenience as possible. 

The owner of this property is located out of the area. With thorough communication and by sending pictures of the completed work, we were able to provide the property owner with peace of mind and the confidence that he received a quality asphalt paving and concrete job at a fair price. We understand that out-of-state owners and property managers need to feel comfortable when working with a local paving company. We work hard to earn trust that leads to lasting relationships with clients who can’t be on-site to observe.

Woods of Burlington

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Buckeye Surface Maintenance resurfaced the asphalt walking paths at the Woods of Burlington residential development in Chardon Ohio. 

The scope of work for this project called for resurfacing the existing path with 2” of new asphalt. This required thoroughly cleaning the original surface, applying an adhesive tack emulsion, placing 2” of new asphalt and compacting. 

Paving walking paths and golf cart paths often presents unique challenges. In this case, many sections of the path were quite remote and inaccessible by dump truck. This made it difficult to deliver hot asphalt to the paver and required special equipment for shuttling. Many sections of the path were also located in low-lying areas which remained wet and soft, even during prolonged dry spells. Special care was needed in order to avoid getting equipment stuck in the mud. The end result was a flat, smooth, attractive new surface, ready to provide residents with many years of useful service.