Northeast Ohio Asphalt Paving
& Repair Services


Since 2006, Buckeye Surface maintenance has been offering Northeast Ohio asphalt paving and repair services.

Whether you need a new parking lot or driveway installed, or repair of an exisiting asphalt surface, we always provide quality workmanship and first-class service.

  • New Parking Lot & Driveway Installation
  • Remove & Replace Existing Parking Lot or Driveway
  • Mill & Resurface Existing Pavement
  • Resurface/Overlay Existing Pavement
  • Saw-Cut Full Depth Patching/Repair
  • Mill Patching
  • Pothole Patching
  • Surface Patching
  • Utility Trenches
  • Additional Parking Areas
  • Stone Placement for Driving & Parking Surfaces
  • Cold Patching Potholes (out of season)

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